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Model AXD Pressure Sensor

Accusense™ Model AXD 산업용 압력 센서는 고성능 및 다기능성을  합리적인 가격에 제공합니다.

다수의 까다로운 용도를 충족시키기 위해 1PSI까지 낮은 압력 범위에 대해 ±0.25%의 FS 정확도를 제공합니다.

AXD Pressure Transducer Features

  • 고정밀 센서
  • IP67 등급 설계
  • 비오일 충전 설계
  • 장기 안정성: 연 0.5% 미만
  • 예외적인 EMI/RFI
  • 높은 충격과 진동을 견딜 수 있는 견고한 디자인
  • NIST 추적 가능한 교정
  • 광 작동 전압: 9VDC ~ 30VDC
  • 다중 전기 종단 및 압력 피팅 옵션
  • 역방향 와이어 보호
  • CE 및 RoHS 호환
Performance data
Accuracy RSS1 ±0.25% FS
Response time 5 millisecond
Long term stability ±0.5% FS/yr
Thermal effects AXD1 AXDH
Compensated Range -4 to +176°F (-20 to +80ºC) -4 to +176°F (-20 to +80ºC)
Zero Shift (code “F”) ±2% FS/100°F (± 1.8% FS/50°C) ±3%/100°F(±2.7%FS/ 50°C)
Zero Shift (code “Z”) ±0.5% FS/100°F (±0.45%/50°C) ±0.75%/100°F(±0.67%FS/ 50°C)
Span Shift (Range >50 PSI) ±1% FS/100°F (±1.4% FS/50°C) ±2%FS/100°F (±1.8%FS/ 50°C)
Span Shift (Range ≤50 PSI) ±1.5% FS/100°F (±2% FS/50°C) ±2%FS/100°F (±1.8%FS/ 50°C)
Physical description
Pressure fittings See ordering information
Vent (gauge units) Through cable or termination
Electrical connection See ordering information
Environmental rating
Elec. Termination code
P1 (gauge) IP66/NEMA4X
P1 (sealed) “xx” cable, M4, A1 IP67/NEMA6
Case material 304 stainless steel
Wetted materials AXD 1 17-4PHSS, 17-7PHSS
AXD H 316L stainless steel
Weight (approx.) 5 oz
Pressure media
Gases or liquids compatible with 17-4 PH2 or 316L stainless steel.
Operating3 temperature -40 to +257°F (-40 to +125°C)
Storage temperature -40 to +257°F (-40 to +125°C)
Acceleration 10g Maximum4
Shock5 200g Operating
Vibration6 20g 50-2000 Hz
Electrical data (voltage)
Excitation Code “24” 9 to 30 VDC
Code “45” (5VDC) 4.8-8.1 VDC
Code “2E” 13.5-30 VDC
Reverse excitation protected
Power consumption <0.15 watts
(approx. 5mA @24VDC)
Output7 See ordering information8
Output impedance 100 ohms
Circuit 3-wire (Exc, Out, Com)
Electrical data (current)
Circuit 2-Wire
Output9 4 to 20 mA10
External load 0 to 800 ohms
Min. supply voltage (VDC) 9 +0.02 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)
Max. supply voltage (VDC) 30 + 0.004 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)
CE, EMC Directive (2014/30/EU), EN/IEC 61326-1,
& EN/IEC 61326-2-3:2012 Industrial
1RSS of Non-Linearity (BFSL), Non-Repeatability and Hysteresis at 70°F
2Hydrogen not recommended for use with 17-4 PH stainless steel. Use 316L SS version.
3High temperature limit of the cable is 185°F (85°C)
4Shift in output reading <0.05 psi/g typical; pressure port axis only
5Mil-Std. 202, Method 213B, Cond. C
6Mil-Std. 202, Method 204, Cond. C
7Calibrated into a 50K ohm load, operable into a 5000 ohm load or greater
8Zero output factory set to w/in ±25mV. Span (FS) output factory set to w/in ±50mV.
9Calibrated at factory with a 24VDC loop supply voltage and 250ohm load.
10Zero output factory set to w/in ±0.08mA. Span (FS) output factory set to w/in ±0.16mA.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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